I am so happy to have a possibility to share with you my love with the best and the coolest game from Papa’s games. The name of the game is Papa's Pastaria . I think you should know this game, because it had become very popular immediately after realized. The whole story is - The well-known character, Papa, has opened a new restaurant near the hotel. Of course, this new place has many customers, and there must be the high services and delicious foods to maintain the rating. You are a Pasta Chief, and you should take orders, put dishes on the table and prepare pasta for your customers.

There are different sauces to make delicious pasta. Time to time restaurant becomes larger and you should hire new staff for care with so many orders. One of the most interesting what happens in the game is, changing seasons. Each of seasons, customer needs change and they demand new kinds of food.

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Interface and graphics

Let’s write some words about the interface and graphics of the game. As other Papa louie arcade games, Papa’s Pastaria also starts with loading page, and after you will press the continue button, you easily can click the start and the menu of the game appears. As all Papa’s games, Pastaria also obtains a great music, but of course you can switch it of quite easily. After you made all these staff, it is time to begin the game.


Now I will explain what activities you can do, and how you can do these activities in this awesome game. You are able to choose two workers in the restaurant. They are – Doan and Utah, or you can create your own character, and of course, that is very nice tool. After selection the character, the game eventually starts and you can enjoy working in the nicest restaurant in the world. The main idea is to serve your clients with high standards and make the most delicious food for them. The hardest point of the Pastaria is cooking, because you have to mix exactly that amount of ingredients what are needed for the food. In other case, it would not be as delicious at it has to be and you would lose your clients.

In my opinion, it is a great tool to learn how restaurants work. Also, you there is the opportunity to learn how to prepare many different foods. People, who are going to be a Chief of a restaurant, can see how it feels to be a famous restaurant owner. For me, it also is a good tool for the relaxation after a hard day. As a big fan of Papa’s Pastaria, I am sure that people who have not played this game yet, will like it definitely.

In the end, the only thing I would like to say is: enjoy playing the awesome game and be the member of the community of Papa’s games players. To make yourself even happier, check out the nice zombie game Dead Zed 2.