Do you ever want to have your own restaurant? or don't you wonder how do they work and what is happening behind the bar? Papa's wingeria is a answer for all this question and give you a chance to see by yourself that how your food are cooked before server brings on your table and what is really happening in the kitchen while you are waiting.

If you are tired of shooting and driving like a crazy and need a relaxation, some family type game like a Papa's wingeria is an perfect solution for your situation and treat you in a right way. Everyone want to have their personal parade and if you play hard in this game, you also achieve this dream and make an awesome procession with cool cars and a lot of your fans.

This game is most realistic in its genre games and have a rational gameplay, like your character have to be working as hard as real cookie chief and serve plates to his clients, because everything is depending on his cooking and serving skills. This game is a great simulator of restaurants business and cooking, so if you play this and win, you can open your own pizzeria or big restaurants, because it can't be more hard and enjoyable.

The game is really awesome

The main idea of this game is awesome. You are the winner of the lottery and your prize are tickets to holidays in Starlight City! This city is full of amusing things and funny lotteries . After arriving at this wonderful place, you as a winner of one of the magic lotteries getting a check and your new prize gives you opportunity to be a owner of Wingeria restaurant. But, the owner doesn't mean in this city to sit and just count money, No, you need to earn it first and way of this is that, you have to work as a cook chief and a server in the your own wingeria restaurant and make a food from your customers and if you work good enough, every day new customer will be your client and give you extra points and tips.

Also, plot of this game are interesting, because there is a games inside of game. That sounds weird, but after every round, you can play a mini games and win a decorations for your restaurant and clothes for your character. Gameplay and Graphics Controls as in every Flipline studio games are with mouse.

Papa's wingeria is developed by hard working and active consulting with real cook chefs and restaurant owners and they help creators to build a whole new world of serving and cooking with real style, so this games Gameplay is so realistic and cool, like in real life. Because of that, playing isn't so easy and requires some skills from you. You have to be careful and make a right decisions, like who you are gonna serve first and how does plate is gonna decorated to get higher point.

Your job is to serve your clients as fast as you can, but it's not a as easy, because there are so many detail, what you have to consider and made decision after. First thing, what you have to accomplish, is that you need to take orders from client fast, then you need to make their food same as they wish, like a use their favorite sauce and don't be slow while making it, because time in this game are really important.

The graphics in this game are so modern and awesome. Every texture is advanced and like in real restaurants, so you feel like you are in the real one. There are so many beautiful decorations and cool things, like the phonograph and soda machines, even a wings burning motion is so pragmatic.